Friday, December 23, 2022

Around Chennai 1/2/3 day trips

These trips can be customised based on one's requirements.

  • Hillocks in Chennai - SP Koil, Thiruneermalai, Thirukazhugukundram,
  • Mangaadu, Thiruverkadu, Thirumazhisai, Thiruvallur
  • 1-day Madurantakam & Srimushnam trip (for land related prayers)
  • 1-day 3 Narasimha Temples (Parikkal, Poovarasankuppam, Singiri)
  • 2-day Kanchipuram trip
  • 1-day coastal temples – Thiruvidanthai, Mamallapuram, Thiruvaheendrapuram
  • 2-day Panchabootha sthalam temples
  • 3/4-day Arupadai Veedu temples
  • 1/2-day Divya Desam around Chennai (lodging at Kanchipuram)

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Around Madurai - 3-day trip

Day One

Arrive by Train early morning to Madurai


8.00am: Breakfast

9.00am: Visit to Meenakshi Temple

11.30am: Sri Vishnu Temple, Madurai

1.00pm: Lunch

4.00pm: Lord Muruga Temple, Pazhamudircholai,

6.00pm: Lord Vishnu Temple (Kal Azhagar) and neighbouring temples

8.30pm: Dinner & rest


Day Two

8am: Breakfast, Check-out & Departure

9.00am: Lord Muruga Temple, Thiruparankundram

2.30pm: Check-in to Hotel, Rameswaram

4.00pm: Darshan at Sri Ramaswamy Swamy Temple, Rameswaram 

6.00pm: Neighbouring shrines, Dinner & rest


Day Three

6am: Depart to Dhanushkodi to view Sunrise

9.00am: Back to hotel, refresh and Check-out 

11.00am: Sri Rama Temple, Thirupullani & Devipatnam Navagrahas

1.00pm: Lunch at Ramanathapuram 

4.00pm: Lord Shiva Temple, Utrakosamangai

7.30pm: Drop at Ramanathapuram Railway Station – train to Chennai (others)


Alternate Temples that could be covered: Palani, Srivilliputhur, Sivagangai, Pillaiyarpatti, Kunnakudi, Ariyakudi, etc. based on time.

Around Trichy (from Chennai, by road / train) 3-day trip

Day One

6am: Depart Chennai from your doorstep

8.30am: Sri Rama Temple, Madurantakam

9.30am: Breakfast 

11.30am: Sri Brahma Temple, Thirupattur

1.00pm: Lunch at Trichy & Hotel Check-in

4.00pm: Uchhi Pillaiyar Temple (Rockfort)

5.00pm: Thayumanavar Lord Shiva Temple

7.00pm: Sri Vishnu Temple, Woraiyur

8.30pm: Dinner & rest


Day Two

8am: Departure

9.00am: Sri Vishnu Temple, Thiruvellarai

11.30am: Lord Siva Temple, Manachanallur

1.00pm: Lunch at Srirangam

2.30pm: Darshan at Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam

5.00pm: Sri Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikovil

7.00pm: Lord Narasimha Temple, (Kattu Azhagiya Singar)

8.30pm: Dinner & rest


Day Three

8am: Departure

9.00am: Sri Vishnu Temple, Anbil

11.00am: Sri Vishnu Temple, Koviladi

1.00pm: Lunch

3.30pm: Sri Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Srimushnam

9.00pm: Return to doorstep


Alternate Temples that could be covered: Pitchandavar Koil, Siruvatchur, Samayapuram, Gunaseelam, Thanjavur, etc. based on time.

Tirupati trip (2-day trip Ex-Chennai)

Temples covered 

Suruttupalli, Matsya Temple, Nagalapuram, Thiruchanur, Govindaraja Swamy, Temple; Tirumala, Papavinasam, Anjanadri, Srinivasa Mangapuram, Appalayagunta, Thiruvallur


Day One

6am: Depart Chennai from your doorstep

8am: Breakfast at Thiruvallur

9.30am: Lord Shiva Temple, Suruttupalli

10.30am: Lord Matsya Narayana Temple

12.45pm: Lunch at Tirupati / Check-in to Hotel

4.00pm: Visit Tiruchanur Temple and Srinivasa Mangapuram

7.00pm: Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple

8.30pm: Dinner at Hotel


Day Two

8am: Depart to Tirumala Hill

9am – 12noon – Darshan at Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

1.30pm: Lunch at Tirupati town 

3.00pm: Appalayagunta Temple

6.00pm: Sri Rama Temple, Thiruvallur

10.00pm: Return to doorstep

The above trip is fully customised according to your requirements. We offer vehicles of various types such as sedan ( 4 persons), Innova (5/6 persons), Tempo Traveller (12 persons) and air-conditioned Bus (25 - 40 seater). Prevailing rates will apply due to fluctuation in fuel price. 


All tolls, local entry tickets & taxes

Tirumala Darshan ticket 

Double occupancy room for overnight stay

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner can be included based on your requirements


Packaged Water

All incidentals Enroute

Any other food other than not mentioned above

Offerings at temple hundis, priests, etc.


*Darshan at Tirumala temple is completely dependent on TTD regulations

*Package can include / exclude meals depending on pilgrim’s preference

*Rooms are a/c, double occupancy, Standard type rooms

*Room upgrades possible at additional cost with prior notice

*Room upgrade subject to availability

*Some temples could be excluded due to time constraints

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Significance of MaaghaMakam

Kumbakonam, the holy town has a very important significance for the humankind. For, this is where it all began according to our traditional texts. 

Like how we cleanse the wardrobe at our homes, paint the house and refresh our material stuff, Lord Brahma, the creator also cleanses the Earth and His creations every once in a while. During one such “pralaya kaala” or cyclic existence, Lord Shiva advises Lord Brahma to pick up the holy soil from important Kshetras and water from important rivers with a coconut tied atop a pot (kumbha) and keep it safe. The pot, after the pralaya is over, rolls over to a place and stops.

A hunter breaks the pot with his bow and arrow. Water and soil spills over and the first humankind emerges from the place. The coconut becomes an idol. 

Since the pot (Kumba) settled in a corner, the place is thence known as “Kumba-kona” or Kudanthai (in Tamil) - Kudam meaning a pot. 

The place where this celestial activity occureed is what is now known as the MahaMakam tank, for it occurred on the Pournami (full moon) thithi, Makha nakshatra during the Maagha maasa. Every 12 years, the day is celebrated with fervent devotion and is known as “MahaMakam” meaning the grand Makha star.

The hunter is none other than Lord Shiva who is seated alongside the tank and is known by the name “Sri Adhi Kumbeswarar”.

Nine rivers collide here - Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmadha, Kaveri, Godavari, Krishna, Tungabadhra & Sarayu. 

The main tank is spread over 20 acres of land and has 16 mandapas and 21 wells altogether. The mandapas are where the soil was strewn over and the wells are where the water from the pot sprinkled. 

It is believed that a holy dip in this Mahamakam tank will remove all obstacles in our life as one proceeds in the path of dharma towards attaining moksha. 

The next Mahamakam will occur during Feb. 2028. During the previous edition in 2016, over 20 lakh people visited and participated in the festivities which is spread over a fortnight. All the temple deities are brought to the tank to perform “Theerthavari” - Abhishekam to the Lords. Thereafter, devotees take a dip in the tank and visit temples.